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Orkidebauhinia plakat

751 kr
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Orkidebauhinia plakat
Størrelse: 70 x 100 cm

The nearly 500 X-rays of various species, then fell into oblivion, but were discovered again by chance fifty years later by visual artist Johan Brink who has processed selected images. We at Fine Little Day are very happy to be part of this poster collaboration where 10% of the net sales goes to the management of Tor Gustav Nitzelius ”Garden of Memories” and to spread knowledge about his work.

Tor G. Nitzelius (1914-199) was a curator and tree specialist at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden 1952-1976. He created popular gardens and wrote several books on how to use plants in parks and gardens. In 1992 he was appointed an honorary doctor at the University of Gothenburg. Sweden’s most prominent international dendrologist of all time had a feeling beyond the ordinary for the plant kingdom. And maybe he found the soul of the plants when he x-rayed his most beloved specimens.

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